Saturday, 4 May 2013

Creating a Webpage in Visual Studio 2010

If your a new visitor check the Part1 tutorial Part1 then easily understood the Following tutorials.
Part2: Creating a Webpage in Visual Studio 2010
After Creating a webapplication We can Easily add a webpage. For that click right button of Mouse in the place of your Application Name.Then click Add - >New item ->Select WebForm (you can name that page like Home,about us,contact us etc..).

Then you can Get a new webForm(i Named as WebForm1.aspx).
Click Add.After that you can see that page in Solution explorer(left side).
In Source view you can see that codes behind that Page.This is HTML codes.We can Add Diffrent tool in that sections(These Tools Are Already Build (InBulid)in that Software).

Lets take a example how to generate a message in our new Website.
For that Type your Message b/w <div></div> codes in the Body section.For example my Message is
Welcome to New Website !!!.Add like
<form id="form1" runat="server">
 <div>Welcome to New Website!!!</div>
 We can see the message when clicking Design View .
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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Introduction of Visual Studio 2010 ultimate

We can easily Develope Web Application with .Net,Php etc.. languages .Let us see How can we build a Web Applications With .Net language. For that we need Visual Studio 2010 ultimate .

Microsoft has introduced  Visual Studio 2010 ultimate software.using this we can develope Web Application easily using c#.Net.C# is another type of language like C. Lets Begin the tutorial.
part1:Introduction of Visual Studio 2010
what is a visual studio?It's a software developed by microsoft to develope Applications.To begin this
we want Visual studio 2010 ultimate Software needed. clik here to view about visual studio 2010 after installing Visual Studio 2010.Open the can see just like a window


click new project.a new window will see like below image.choose visual c#,web from installed template in left corner.After that select ASP.NET empty Web Application.we can change the name of application in the bottom of page.
When click ok we reach the application we can see a blank area in visual studio.In lest side we can see the name of our application,web config file,properties.This area is Solution Explorer.
then the left side contain ToolBox which contain diffrent tools.we can use later.The left side of top portion contain the same thing (Solution explorer,properties,toolbox)symbols.We can take easily from this.For running/debugging we use the debugg Button(green colour) which is in top center portion.

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